Mastering is the final step before finishing your music production. Professional mastering makes your production sound balanced, clearer and better. This process brings out the pure quality of your music. 

Pier Durk HogeterpCreaudio Mastering is the company of Pier-Durk Hogeterp, a mastering engineer who has worked with artists such as Bløf, Guus Meeuwis, Ilse DeLange, Boris, Jurk!, Sharon Kips, Anneke Grönloh, Marco Bakker, The Hot Stewards, Ilanois, Monstertux, Di-rect, Jan Henk de Groot, Rico, Typhoon, Dani L. Mebius, Billy the Klit, Vengaboys, Bokkers and many more.

A more detailed list can be found here.

- Stereo music mastering
- Stem mastering
- Editing
- CD compiling 
- DDP export
- Audio consulting

In case you need our service, pricelist or any additional information, please see the linked contact details on the right.
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